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    Strong Coast Strong Texas


    America’s WETLAND Foundation is a non-partisan non-profit organization that has acted as a neutral arbiter for Louisiana’s coastal interests since its inception in 2002, elevating issues facing the Gulf Coast, specifically those of coastal land loss, to regional, national and international attention.

    America’s Energy Coast (AEC) is an initiative of the America’s WETLAND Foundation. AEC is a diverse group of major businesses and industries, national environmental and conservation organizations, scientists and researchers, and coastal interests from across the four energy-producing states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama – collectively known as America’s Energy Coast

    The coalition’s mission is to provide a balanced forum to work together toward the development of comprehensive solutions to sustain this vital economic region and the environment on which it depends. Working by consensus, America’s Energy Coast has issued a series of white papers, reports and resolutions including the latest  - Adaptation for Gulf Coast Resiliency and Sustainability - calling for cooperation within the science community on setting ecosystem values along the Gulf Coast and making private sector investment in coastal restoration attractive.

    The best science, engineering and planning point to a host of solutions, but the long-term survival and success of this region is ultimately tied to large-scale Federal recognition and support. Time is not a friend of the region. Urgent actions must be taken to protect it or there is little doubt that the assets as we have known them will be lost.

    Through leadership forums and outreach projects the coalition informs decision makers and the general public how responsible and sustainable energy development is attainable and consistent with conservation and environment stewardship.

    America's Laboratory for Sustainability

    America's Energy Coast is at the epicenter of solving crucial issues facing this nation: continued and future exploration and production of fossil fuels new and alternative energy sources vulnerable coastal communities and the workforce needed to support energy activities, national navigation needs, decaying and inadequate infrastructure, and imperiled coastal ecosystems.

    Demonstration projects (such as the Foundation’s Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Shoreline Protection and Restoration Project) and best practices in cooperation with NGO, industry and governmental leaders from the four energy-producing states that can serve as a model for coastal sustainability in regions around the world. Working together, the AEC sees safer, stronger and smarter coastal communities and a region working to build awareness and actions to ensure a sustainable future that is essential to economic, social and environmental interests.

    The growing national conversation on energy security makes no sense without the experienced voices from the region now responsible for supplying the U.S. with its domestic offshore energy supply. How the country addresses issues of energy and environmental sustainability in this region will help set the course for future decisions on addressing our domestic energy supply