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    Strong Coast Strong Texas

    The Coast Guardians

    The Coast Guardians are a group of New Orleans-area business owners, chief executive officers, and presidents from all sectors of the business community committed to rebuilding and protecting America's Energy Coast, an area vital to the nation's economic and energy security. The group was formed in cooperation with the America's WETLAND Foundation.

    The Coast Guardians are also members of Vistage International, the world's largest CEO membership organization. Vistage works with business leaders to help them make better decisions and reap the benefits of other leader's seasoned experience, insights and knowledge. The Coast Guardians are also able to make their appeals heard through the many trade and charitable organizations of which they are members.


    The mission of the Coast Guardians is to educate business leaders across the country about the critical need to restore America's WETLAND as a key to sustaining the viability of America's Energy Coast, the nation's energy independence and the health of the US economy.


    In the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Coast Guardians realized that the loss of Louisiana's wetlands affects not only Louisiana's businesses and industry but also the nation's industry as well. Therefore, continued coastal land loss puts the entire country's business community and economy at greater risk.

    Accordingly, the Coast Guardians reach out to business leaders across the country to illustrate how the loss of America's WETLAND directly affects America's Energy Coast, their businesses and their state. Click here to see more facts about how the loss of America's Energy Coast affects the nation and to learn more about why coastal Louisiana is vanishing.


    Restoring America's WETLAND, in order to protect America's economic and energy security will require billions of dollars and sustained support from state and federal governments, a small price compared to the estimated cost of inaction - $750 billion in infrastructure alone.

    The Coast Guardians believe that Louisiana needs additional funding and less red tape from the Federal Government to secure the future of our domestic energy supply and restore our coast and shore up vital energy infrastructure.


    The Coast Guardians seek support from fellow business leaders around the country. The group's effort is national by definition. The voices most clearly heard by U.S. Senators and Representatives are those of their own constituents.

    Please help the Coast Guardians educate the nation about what the loss of America's WETLAND means and how Louisiana receiving it's fair share of off shore oil revenues can help to restore our coast and protect all our nations citizens and the vital infrastructure


    Contribute to the Coast Guardians and help in their fight to save Louisiana's coast. The Coast Guardians is non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Please make your contributions payable to the Coast Guardians and send them to:

    Greater New Orleans Foundation
    Attn: LaToria Willis
    1055 St. Charles Avenue, Ste 100
    New Orleans, LA 70130

    Once your donation has been processed, the donation acknowledgement will be sent directly from the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

    Thank you for your support in this effort of national importance.


    The Coast Guardians
    c/o America's WETLAND
    365 Canal Place, Ste 1180
    New Orleans, LA 70130
    Phone: 1 866 4 WETLAND